7 Signs Your Kid Need Emergency Dental Care

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Good oral habits have to be taught to kids at a very early stage. Parents even take them for dental check-ups once in six months. This temporarily keeps dental issues away. But despite all our efforts, dental emergencies do arise. In our previous blog, we have explained about are dental implants regarded as cosmetic dentistry in El Paso? Read on to know more about the signs your kids need to visit an emergency dentist.

7 Signs Your Kid Needs to Visit Emergency Dentist in El Paso:

The seven emergency dental issues they face are:

  1. Persistent Tooth Pain:If your child has persistent pain in spite of giving a mild painkiller, then it is always advised to take the child immediately to the emergency dentist in El Paso. A decayed tooth or even root damage can cause severe pain.
  2. When The Teeth Crack:Normally, cracks and chips do not happen with kids. But, just in case it happens it will cause pain. A small crack if left untreated will later cause the whole tooth to crack and get worse. Emergency dentists provide quick solution like veneers in El Paso.
  3. A Wiggling Tooth:Losing a baby tooth in kids is very common. But, at times the tooth doesn’t come off fully from the gums. A part of it stays attached. This causes the tooth to wriggle and can be a bother for the kid. Seek an kids dentistry in El Paso for help.
  4. Teeth Sensitivity:If your child complains of sensitivity while eating a frozen dessert or while drinking a hot glass of milk, then he/she may have a cavity. This could be a warning sign. Take them for an emergency dentist in El Paso that has seasoned practitioners like Dr. Jake R Williams at Agave Dental Care who provides emergency solutions.
  5. Jaw Pain:Kids get jaw pain, and this can be inconvenient. Jaw pain makes it difficult for the child to masticate, speak or even gape the mouth. It is better to get it checked with emergency dental care in El Paso and treated even if the pain is mild.
  6. Swollen Gums:If your kids’ gums are swollen, it is best advised to get in touch with an emergency dentist in El Paso. Because swelling is accompanied by bruising. Some kids also suffer from dislocated jaws, which can be very painful.
  7. White Spots/Brown Spots on Teeth:When you notice white or brown spots on your child’s teeth, please contact an emergency dentist in El Paso as soon as possible as this is a sign of dental caries.


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