Are Same-Day Dental Implants Right for You?

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Dental implants are an effective and reliable solution for replacing chipped, crooked or diseased teeth. But are you ready to wait for around 6-10 months to get the procedure done? Probably not. Nevertheless, what if there was a possibility that you could get the dental implant installed the same day in El Paso?

We know it would be amazing. You’ll move out of the dentist’s clinic with a complete smile in a single day. But same-day implants are not meant for everyone. There are aspects you need to contemplate before you hand-pick same-day dental implants. And information related to this is contained in the write-up.

You’ll gather essential details regarding dental implants which can be affixed the same-day. And this information will help you decide better. However, you can connect with our implant dentistry Dr. Jake Williams at the Agave Dental Care for same day dental implants in el paso, tx.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Same Day Dental Implants in El Paso:

If you consider the advantages and disadvantages of same-day dental implants in El Paso, TX, it’ll be easy for you to make a decision.

Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants in El Paso:

  1. Immediate restoration. You’ll have a complete smile the same day.
  2. The implant and the bone fuse better.
  3. The gums and soft tissues heal quickly.

Disadvantages of Same-Day Dental Implants in El Paso:

  1. The chances of failure of same-day dental implants are high.
  2. It can result in increased marginal bone loss.
  3. Discomfort and pain after the procedure is more prevalent.
  4. It may be completed in one day but requires you to be on the chair for an extended period.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Same-Day Dental Implants in El Paso?

If you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages and want to proceed further, make sure that you’re an ideal candidate. In order to be the appropriate candidate, you require to be:

  1. A person who is a non-smoker.
  2. An overall healthy individual.

However, you can contact Dr. Jake Williams our implant dentistry in El Paso for better advice.

Who Is Not the Right Candidate for Same-Day Dental Implants in El Paso?

Same-day dental implants are not meant for you if you:-

  1. Prone to smoking.
  2. Have a gum disease.
  3. Have poor oral hygiene.
  4. Suffering from any Autoimmune disorder.
  5. Have Any chronic disease.

Where Can You Get Dental Implants Which Can Be Affixed the Same Day in El Paso, TX?

For the best advice regarding same-day dental implants treatment in El Paso, connect with Dr. Jake Williams at Agave Dental Care. Dr. Jake Williams is a general and cosmetic dentistry expert offering the most reliable dental services in El Paso, Texas. For more information call us at (915) 755-7697 or (915) 833-0303 and schedule an appointment today.