Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

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Emergency Dental Care in El Paso is something everyone should be aware of. Some oral issues require immediate action. Waiting for a few days before you can visit the dentist is not a solution to such conditions. And these conditions are known as dental emergencies.

How would you know whether you need emergency dental care or not? How would you hand-pick an emergency dentist in El Paso? Well, if you have the above question in mind, read along.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care in El Paso?

A dental emergency is any oral condition that requires immediate dental care. Here is when you’ll need emergency dental care:

  1. Toothaches That Don’t Go:

    Some toothaches just need a pain reliever to go. But some are clingy and never seem to go. If you have had a few sleepless nights because of toothache, consider it a dental emergency. Reach out to Dr. Jake Williams at Agave Dental Care. He’s a reliable emergency dentist in El Paso.

  2. Severe Bleeding in Gum:

    Suffering from bleeding gums? Well, it’s not a good sign. Bleeding gums can indicate infection or gum disease. If detected in the beginning, infections are easy to treat. So, make sure to visit an Emergency Dental Care in El Paso in case of bleeding gums.

  3. Displacement or Complete Loss of Prosthetics:

    If your dental prosthetics are not in place, you should immediately visit an emergency dentist in El Paso. Dental prosthetics include veneers, crowns, dentures, implants, bridges, etc. If anything moves from its original place, it calls for an emergency. So be aware.

  4. Traumatic Tooth Loss:

    Did you just knock your tooth off while playing? Or did you sustain a dental injury while playing? Well, both call for a dental visit. It is because when something heavy hits the teeth, nerves, and gums get affected too. It can lead to swelling, bacterial growth, and severe pain. So, if something like the above happens, visit an emergency dentist.

  5. Swollen Jaw:

    A swollen jaw means there’s a serious infection in your mouth. It’s usually related to the salivary glands. If you feel swelling in the jaw, fever, bad breath, or severe pain, ask for emergency dental care. Your emergency dentist in El Paso will help you examine the root of the problem.

Who Can Provide Reliable Emergency Dental Care in El Paso?

If you don’t see any of the above signs, but it doesn’t feel right, you can always visit Dr. Jake Williams at Agave Dental Care. He’s one of the most reliable & experienced emergency dentist in El Paso. Also, emergency appointments are open 24/7 for emergency dental Implant in El Paso. For more information call us at 915-755-7697, 915-833-0303 and schedule an appointment today.