Some Essential Information On Dentures

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If you are thinking about getting dentures in El Paso, or already have them, or know somebody with them, it is almost certain that you may have a few inquiries concerning them. Some essential knowledge about dentures such as their make, the purpose and the care required are compiled below which will help you choose dentures in El Paso affixed by Dr. Alex Havig of Agave Dental Care.

About Dentures:

Dentures are famous and economical replacements in restorative dentistry. It is a practically secure method of getting the smile back to those who have lost their teeth because of old age, dental sicknesses, or accidents. Dentures are man-made teeth as well as gums that are designed and made by your dentist to restore a lost or a detached tooth.

What Are They Built Out Of?

Way before dentures were made out of porcelain and plastic but today they are made with a hard resin. This material is more fragile but less uncomfortable. It can be customized easily as per the needs of the patients.

Types Of Dentures:

There are 2 types of dentures, partial and full. Partial is used when a part of the teeth set is damaged and the rest is in good shape. They are fixed to the gum line and are connected to the nearby strong teeth. Full dentures, on the other hand, replace the entire set of teeth. It is carefully fitted on the lower and top gum line. Both types are removable.

But these types differ from immediate dentures. These dentures are used immediately after tooth extraction for immediate healing and removed once the healing process is completed. Another type is overdentures. These dentures are substitutes for conventional dentures especially when the latter is uneasy or if there are hardly any natural teeth left. And finally, there are implants-support dentures, and as the name says it is used on dental implants.


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Caring For Your Dentures:

You should realize that dentures aren’t genuine teeth. They also need proper cleaning to keep up their appearance and your oral wellbeing. Cleanliness is very critical regarding dentures. You need to clean the dentures twice a day with a brush properly. Do not use regular toothbrushes, it will damage the teeth. Dentures can get easily stained. So staying away from food with artificial color is a must.

Bottom Line:

If you need to get dentures then there are some amazing dentists in EL Paso who affix dentures. Also, consider the best dental clinic i.e. Agave Dental Care – under the dentist Dr. Alex Havig to discover the effectiveness of dentures in El Paso.