The Immense Benefits of Emergency Immediate dental implants

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Lost one or more of your teeth lately? Are you worried and want to fix the lost teeth immediately? If yes is the answer for these questions, then immediate emergency tooth replacement with dental implants is your solution

Why the hurry?

As the name shows, emergency immediate dental implants can be affixed even within an hour. It is the best solution especially if time is a concern. Because tooth loss, if not treated on time, can lead to misaligned teeth. Emergency dental implants in El Paso can prevent your teeth from misalignment.

Problems of Misaligned teeth:

Every tooth is responsible for keeping its neighboring teeth in the correct position. If one of them is misaligned, then the neighboring teeth will follow suit. It will be misaligned, cracked, and chipped. If left unattended, misaligned teeth can cause many problems like teeth grinding, sore jaw joints, ringing in the ears, and migraines. Opting for an immediate emergency tooth replacement with dental implants in El Paso can prevent it.

What are emergency dental implants in El Paso?

When dental implants are placed within an hour after the tooth is lost or removed, it is called as emergency immediate dental implants in El Paso. The root is removed, and the implant is placed in the socket. Once the implant is fixed firmly then a titanium post and a temporary crown is placed on the top of the tooth.

The changes post immediate dental implants:

This procedure reconstructs the function of the teeth and restores smile within a day. It is created to look like natural teeth with roots and crown looking natural as well. These crowns last for many years when good care is taken.

Eligibility for emergency dental implants in El Paso?

If the bone, gum and area around the fallen tooth are fine and infection-free, then it is possible for a person to choose an immediate dental implant.

Safety of emergency dental implants:

Emergency dental implants, especially in our El Paso dental clinic is performed with utmost safety. Millions have had quick and successful replacements. You need a seasoned dentist and good dental X-rays for safe procedure.

Benefits of emergency dental implants in El Paso:

  • Emergency dental replacement prevents the gum from beginning to flatten.
  • Immediate implants stop the closer teeth from loosening.
  • It preserves the tissues on the teeth and the gum contours.
  • The whole process can be completed in a day. Hence saves time.
  • It reduces unnecessary visits to your dentist.


Contact our implant specialist in El Paso for emergency dental implants as they are highly qualified, experienced and affordable. Dial them to discover more. Get an instant solution for your tooth loss through emergency implants! Hurry!