What Are the Necessary Conditions for Dental Implants?

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Are you bothered by missing a decayed tooth? Well, you might have lost a tooth owing to decay or an accident or some other reason. However, the solution to all these issues is just dental implants. This tried and tested process followed by almost all dental practitioners across the world can cure your missing tooth problem permanently. Dr. Jake Williams of Agave Dental Care has been a reputed dentist with years of experience in offering robust and successful emergency dental implants in El Paso for your missing tooth problem.

Necessities for Dental Implants in El Paso

Well, for undergoing dental implant surgery, where an implant is drilled to your jawbone to make it a proper fit just like your original teeth, you have to be an ideal candidate.

9 Points you’re an Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants in El Paso:

  1. The jawbone must have reached its full bloom. A soft jawbone which isn’t thick enough to stand the drill is not ideal for dental implant. In such a situation, you must opt for bone grafting first. With a powerful chewing process, you can exert pressure on your bone and your implant might fall off. Bone graft will make a solid base for dental implant.
  2. Dental implants are ideal for you if you want to have an enhanced beautiful smile and improve your speech. So, you need to have such an intention as well to undergo an implant.
  3. You need to have healthy oral tissues. A healthy oral condition is a pre mandate for dental implant surgery.
  4. You need to have more than one lost tooth. Or else undergoing implant dentistry in El Paso is of no use.
  5. You need to possess fitter gums to hold up dental implants. Decayed gum or unhealthy gum structure due to infection might not be able to support the implant in the long run. There are high chances that due to weak gum, the surrounding area will not be sturdy enough to support the implant. Thus, healthy gums are necessary for dental implant drills.
  6. You need to have sufficient bone structure to secure your implant. There needs to be sufficient bone space and structure to hold the implant forever.
  7. You will not be able to chew tobacco or smoke nicotine often with dental implants. So, only if you are okay with this, can you go for a dental implant.
  8. If you can commit a long time to this process, you are fit for implant. This process requires months and you need to be ready for that.
  9. You shouldn’t have any morbidity issues which affect bone healing.


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