Why Dentists Regard Dental Implants As the Gold Standard for Substituting Missing Teeth

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If you recently lost a tooth, you must find implant dentistry in El Paso. Around 70% of Americans miss at least one tooth, according to NCHS. This leads to lower self-confidence and loss of a beautiful smile. And dental implants appear as the foremost solution for substituting teeth which are missing.

Why are dental implants the most practical solution for substituting missing teeth? Are same day dental implants in El Paso right for you? Well, this is what this blog is all about. Read along for more insights.

6 Reasons Dental Implants in El Paso Are the Gold Standard for Replacing Missing Teeth:

1. Amazing Appearance:

Implants not only look but feel like your natural teeth. And this is quite a benefit of using dental implants. Dr. Jake R Williams at Agave Dental Care will anchor the jaw with the implant just like a natural tooth.

2. Bring Back Your Normal Life:

Dental implants in El Paso are like a permanent solution and can last a lifetime. With dental implants in place, you can attend parties and host meetings. You can bring your teeth, confidence, and regular life back.

3. Comfortable:

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are more comfortable as they function like natural teeth. Also, you don’t have to remove the dental implant every night. However, you may have to visit implant dentistry in El Paso for regular checkups.

4. You can eat well:

With dentures in place, chewing can be hard. However, with dental implants, eating won’t be a problem. You can think of dental implants as your permanent teeth. And you can consume as you used to before your teeth went missing.

5. Better Oral Health:

In the case of a tooth-supported bridge, the dentist grinds the healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth. This can affect your oral health. However, with a dental implant, the room for worrying is very minute. It’s because there’s no need to alter nearby teeth. And hence it can help you prolong superior oral health for a greater period of time.

6. Problem in Speaking:

Sometimes due to poorly fitted dentures, replacement teeth can slip, causing a slurred speech. However, nothing like this happens in dental implants. If you get dental implants installed from an implant dentist in El Paso your speech would improve.

Which Is the Best Implant Dentistry in El Paso?

When it comes to locating the most superior implant dentistry in El Paso, you should consult Dr. Jake R Williams at Agave Dental Care. Dr. Jake Williams is a dental expert and a level 2 sedation expert. Even if you’re anxious, he can treat you well. For more information call us at (915) 755-7697 or (915) 833-0303 and schedule an appointment today.